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Welcome to the Conclave of Shadows Guild!

Thank you for your interest our guild and visiting our web site. This site is filled with lots of information about our guild.  Our guild is an alliance based, casual but consistent, raiding guild that is mostly adult based.  Our community plays to relax and enjoy the challenges of the game so we strive to create a low pressure, supportive environment that provides opportunity for its members to progress into end game raiding content.

The Conclave of Shadows name comes from Raymond Feist novels and is a secret organization whose ultimate goal is said to oppose evil in the world. The guild was established in 2007 as a leveling guild to help new players learn about the game and make social connections in this online community.  At the end of the Burning Crusade the guild leadership decided that we would start a raiding component for the guild and started providing options for people interested in raiding, admittedly we were the blind leading the blind. By the end of Wrath of the Lich King we had dropped the Lich King and were ranked in the top 15 raiding guilds on our server,  we continue to raid weekly and are always looking to expand our teams and opportunities for guild members

If you are new to our guild I would recommend you start at our guild charter so that you can get a clear understanding of player expectations and the guild community. 


Guild Master, Conclave of Shadows
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Guild News and Progression Updates

Frostina, Dec 31, 11 11:52 AM.
January 2015 - The New Year brings down the Twins
Deciding to skip the optional bosses we moved to Twin Ogron and after several pulls we took down our third boss in Highmaul. Woo Hoo 3 of 7, way to go guild!

December 2014 - First 2 Normal Bosses Defeated
With the new expansion out, the guild has begun to run a mid-week raid team and dropped Kar-gath on its first night. In the following week the Butcher dropped on the lats pull of the night. Woo Hoo 2 of 7, way to go guild!

October 2013 - First Flex Boss Defeated
The guild has begun to run a mid-week flex raid team and on Thursday October 3 the team dropped Immerseus on its last try of the night. Hopefully this will be just what the doctor ordered to help get players back into the raiding mind set. We will continue to run each week and progress through the flex content.

November 2012 - Advanced team enters Mogu'shan Vaults
After weeks of running heroic, doing dailies and such, we have final got a core of players that have met the gear requirements to enter the Mogu'Shan Vaults.  The team is working on the Stone Guard and have been progressing steadily each week. We are currently looking to expand our raiding into a second team, but are in need of a raid lead and tanks and healers that can commit to that weekly event.

July 2012 - Heroic Morchok
Raid team completed the first ever guild heroic drop of a boss while it was still level relevant content. After a few weeks of dabbling with heroic Morchok they got all regular members back and one shotted him as the first step of a single night clear of Dragon Soul

May 2012 - Madness Cured
Raid team one clears the entire Dragon Soul Raid and earns the title of Destroyers End

May 2012 - Spine No Longer a Pain in the Neck
The second to last fight in DS took some keen coordination but raid team 1 finally drops death wing from the sky.

March 2012 - Blackhorn drops
Talk a about a hectic fight, if you can't multitask then you have no shot. After about  6 hours on this boss,  raid team one finally got him. This has been the most difficult fight as afar as movement and team coordination so far in Dragon Soul.

March 2012 - Ultraxion fades into the Twilight
Raid Team One after a a bunch of missed button clicks final got the 5th boss down in Dragon Soul. The team use a double time warp/heroism trick to help dps start off strong and later to allow healers a haste boost when the damage is most heavy. Congratulations to the team.

February 2012 - Test your skill! - Guild Ironman Leveling Challenge
Looking for something a little different, then join us for the ultimate challenge,  A number of us are rolling toons on the new player server Gnomergan.   There we are attempting to level the toon as far as possible without dying.  Ironman toons can not have any deaths in their statisticss, so you die once you are out..  See more detail of all the rules for WOW Ironman at

January 2012 - Dragon Soul Cracked II
The second raid team followed suit as they headed into Dragon Soul and dropped the first two bosses. Great work team!

January 2012 - Major Zon' ozz was a sicking point but eventually falls
The progression raid team finally dropped Zon' ozz in Dragon Soul and then stepped to drop Hagara on the same night. The team will continue to work to complete the  raid as they move into the second series of bosses .

December 2011 - Dragon Soul Cracked
With the rollout of the new patch 4.3, The guild raiders continued to progress dropping the first two bosses Morchok and  Yon'Shaj the Unsleeping.  6 more bosses to go to complete the current end game content.

October 2011 - Majordomo has a major problem
The guild raiders continued to progress dropping Majordomo, they will be focusing on farming the current downed bosses and trying to master fight of the final zone boss Ragneros.

September 2011 - Bosses dropping a regular occurance in the Firelands
The guild raiders continued to progress at a swift pace and dropped Beth'liac, Baleroc and Alysrazor to push the down bosses to 5, only Majordomo and Ragneros remain.

September 2011 - Lord Rhyolith is Extingushed
The guild raiders continued to progress through the firelands and drop their 2nd boss after a learning the steering process. 

August 2011 - Firelands Raids- Shannox Dropped
The guild raiders continued to progress into the firelands and drop the first boss after a couple weeks of work learning the fight. Though the team was a bit undergeared they coordinated their final push and dropped shannox and his dogs Riplimb and Rageface to earn there first fireland gear.

July 2011 - Raid team "Breezes" through the Throne of the Winds
The guild raiders continued to progress as they completed the 3 prefireland raids by taking Al Akir down to complete the acheievement.

July 2011 - Cho'gall and Nefarian both see their maker
The guild raiders continued to progress through the Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twlight as they dropped Cho'gall and in the next week defeat Nefarian for the first time! All that is left is Al Akir in the Throne of the Winds. Nice work Mid-week team!

June 2011 - Chimearon bites the dust 
The guild raiders continued to progress through the Blackwing Descent as they dropped Chimearon for the first time! They had one very close attempt that got him down under 1% at 70,000k before they wiped but came back and cleaned his clock. The team , moved to Nefarion and even got him to the second pahse before wiping. Nice work Mid-week team!

May 2011 - Weekly Double Deaths 
The guild raiders continued to progress through the Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twlight, by dropping two new bosses this week. Atramedes and Valiona & Theralion. Great work !

April 2011 - Grab Your Pole - The Derby is Back 
The guild fishing derby is back in full swing, with 1000g as the final purse for those that have the highest fish totals at the end of the 5 event series. Faldis was the top angeler after the Uldum event where the group was attempting to catch Lavascale Catfish. All the fish caught will be used to fill the guild vault for use as buff food for raiding and such. Watch the calendar for the next event. 

March 2011 - Add Another Boss 
The guild raiders drop Maloriak with good coordination in this highly cooperative movement fight.

February 2011 - Raiding Begins 
After weeks of gearing up the Conclave has launched 3, 10-man raid teams. Team KHOMF is leading the way as they forge through the content having first drops of all new bosses. Including Halfus, Magmaw, Omnitrion Defense System.
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